Abacus Maths  ( Finger Calculation )

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What is Abacus ?

An abacus has beads that slide on rods. It can be used to count, Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, and. Division

The abacus method of learning maths is a system of mental calculation based on visualizing an abacus. The abacus itself is an ancient tool consisting of several rows of beads grouped in tens and mounted on a frame.

Abacus Maths Syllabus Course

1.    Introduction of Abacus

2.    Abacus finger counting

3.    Value of Beads

4.    Addition & Subtraction Single Digit. (Without Complements)

5.    Visualization of Single Digit. ( Without Complement

6.    Addition & Subtraction Single Digit. (Complements 10’)

7.    Visualization of Single Digit ( 10’ Complement)

8.    Addition & Subtraction Single Digit. (Complements 5’)

9.    Addition & Subtraction double Digit, Triple, etc.  (without         


10.  Visualization of Double, Triple, etc... Digit ( Without 


11.  Combo Formulas

12   Multiplication 1, 2, 3 …digits

13.  Visualization Multiplication 1, 2, 3 …digits

14.  Division 1, 2, 3 …..digits

15.  Visualization Division 1, 2, 3 …..digits

16.  Decimal 

 There are Total  9 Levels

Duration and Materials

1.  Abacus training and materials will get Materials in PDF form.

2.  Bud Level: 1 to 9 levels (Total 18 PDF books: ‘A’ & ‘B’ book per level).

3.  For Age group: 1st to 8th STD.

4.  Abacus Instrument.

5.  Two Certificates (franchisee & Training).                      

Sample Certificate of Abacus

samples 0f Abacus certificate.png


5 Days Live session online on Zoom / Google app.

Daily 2 hours session


You are eligible to join this ISO certified course in Abacus Teacher's Training if you possess a basic Knowledge of the Basic Maths

Career Scope

a:  You will get a professionally ISO Certificate of Abacus


b:  Reach an easy to entry point into CBSE / ICSE / IGCSE/ IB/

      State board schools, all board.

c:  Get jobs as Abacus Teacher in :

  1. Pre-schools.

  2. For Pre-Primary and Primary Levels at schools.

  3. Open your Abacus Classes from home or in the institute.