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What is Vedic Maths?

Vedic Mathematics deals with shortcut techniques that carry out Numerical Calculations in Faster ways. Advantages of Vedic Maths include calculations in...

The Easy Teach Academy has been encouraging Vedic Mathematics globally since 2000. It was founded by Niral Devnath and since then the assembly has been conducting workshops, talks and presentations to increase the idea of Vedic Mathematics based on the works of Tirthaji and to upraise the standards of numbers  world-wide.

India is a land with a golden culture. India has given to the world gemstone such as Yoga Ayurveda and even Chicken Tikka tasty food etc. (this all are multi-billion dollar industry too)

Indians are feted world-wide for their par brilliance cricket and master maths skills professor; after all it was us who invented ‘Sachin’, “Zero” and the “Decimal-System”.

 Maths Sutras are seemingly the secret through which ancient Indians fate their feats over 7000 years ago. This system was apparently secret away down the ages and was rediscovered by a professor in the forests in South India, 75 years ago. So you can say that it’s a recent 20th century miracle. 

These Maths Sutras hold the capacity to speed up your calculations, give you trust, belief and make maths fun, attractive and interesting. The Maths Sutras will help you in studies just the same way the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali helps one to upgrade, improve, better one’s health.

So what are these Sutras? Where do they surprisingly come from? Let’s explore that a bit further.

Sutras principally mean an original thought, spoken fluent or written in a laconic (concise) and memorable form. So Maths Sutras are principally short mathematical formulas dealing with Arithmetic and Algebra. And there are 16sutras and 13 sub-sutras of them which were rediscovered by Tirthaji, the scholar.

Our Journey

The Easy Teach Academy aims to realize the Hidden Future of a student and develop his mental capacity faculties whereby removed the fear of Mathematics completely through High Speed of Vedic Math. The focus point is on creation Maths interest among students and improving their overall academic performance by strengthening their basic fundamentals of mathematics.

Post COVID-19

The Vedic Maths Workshop post COVID-19 is in a new digital way via Online Webinars on Zoom. We constantly conduct webinars and Master classes on Vedic Maths beyond limits. We have partnered with academic institutions and Math follower who want to promote Vedic Math within their community and city.

Top 6 Motivation to become a Certified Vedic Maths Tutor

Passion on Maths

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Remove the fear of maths from the hearts of the kids once and for all.. Watch how one teacher helps her students develop a passion for Math. Using difficulty solving activities, student participation and a small bit of freedom.

Constant Education


You learn new Vedic Maths methods and techniques to get better in your performance as a teacher.

Start a Math Journey


With sufficient experience, you can start your own Journey around Vedic maths education. You can think about doing it by yourself or you can apply for the Easy Teach Academy franchise plan.

For a brilliant future


With Vedic Maths skills, you can avail great job opportunities whether it’s online or offline. Let your skills do the talking

Get an extremity


With Vedic Math skills, you can be the most popular teacher of your school and gain admiration from students, parents and as well as your peers for your performance.

Make a variation


Remember, by taking up this course you contribute towards a better future for your community and the upcoming generation.

What is covered in this course?

Comparatively than confusing tutors with various levels and grades, The Easy Teach Academy offers two certified teacher’s training course where we cover the complete Vedic Maths based on the works of Tirthaji (Founder of Vedic Maths).

We cover more than 60 topics from foundation of Addition all the way up to calculation, in 40 hours. This course is conducted on Zoom app or Google meet and is one on one for you or group also.  There are no videos played – our live teacher conducts the class in present.

The timings of the course are very adjustable and according to your plan. We provide this course round the clock to train tutors from several countries. Our tutors are available 24×7.

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Who should register

  • Maths Tutors + Working Professionals

  • Vedic Maths Easy Teach Academy Franchise Owners

  • Adults who want to educate this subject

  • Mother, Father Etc.

  • Work at home Mothers

  • Business person

  • Maths Lover

What do you get?

  • 24 hours of Live Training via Zoom or Google spread over Twelve Weeks

  • 4 Question Books in PDF Form Vedic Maths authored by Niral Devnath

  • Unlimited PDF Worksheets for Several topics

  • 1 on 1 Counselling session with our Tutors or in group is also available

  • Certificate for all Students & Teachers from East Teach Academy

  • successful test-taking Strategies shared

  • Quality education at low-cost prices


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Vedic Maths Syllabus Course


Vedic Level 1

No. Topics Names

1.    Fast Addition.

 2.   Fast Decimal Addition.

 3.   Fast Subtraction.

 4.   Fast Decimal Subtraction.

 5.   Fast Multiplication.

 6.   Multiplication Tables.

 7.   Multiplication of power of 5, 25,125.

 8.   2 by 2 Multiplications.

 9.   3 by 3 Multiplications.

 10. 2 by 2 Multiplications in Decimal.

 11. Simple Division.

 12. Special Division by 5, 25, 125.

 13. Bar.

 14. Bar inculcate place.

 15. Bar negative Place.

 16. Bar Addition & Subtraction.

Vedic Level 2

No. Topic Name.

1.    Fast Addition Higher rows.

2.    Fast Decimal Addition in Higher Rows.

3.    Rapid Subtraction Higher rows.

4.    Multiplication by 11.

5.    Multiplication by 111.

6.    Multiplication by twins’ numbers.

7.    Multiplication by 12 to 19 numbers.

8.    Multiplication by 21 to 91 numbers.

9.    Multiplication of nearest to base numbers.

10.  Division by nearest base numbers.

11.  Division by Duplex numbers.

12.  Division by 21 to 91.

Vedic Level 3

No. Topic Name

1.    Mind Root Addition.

2.    Mind Root Subtraction.

3.    Multiplication 4/4.

4.    Equal numbers Multiplication

       of series 9’s.

5.    Unequal numbers Multiplication 

       of  Series 9’s. (More number).

6.    Shocking Multiplication Part- 1.

7.    Shocking Multiplication Part- 2.

8.    Shocking Division Part – 1.

9.    Shocking Division Part – 2.

10.  Square.

11.  Square Roots.

12.  Algebra Polynomials.

13.  Binomial Division.

Vedic Level 4

No. Topic Name

1.    Shocking Multiple – Higher Numerical.

2.    Numerical Roots – Multiply.

3.    Shocking Division – Higher Numerical.

4.    Decimal Division.

5.    Prime Free Factor.

6.    H.C.F.

7.    L.C.M.

8.    Fraction Simplification.

9.    Fraction Increase (Addition).

10.  Fraction Decrease (Subtraction).

11.  Added bottom.

12.  Subtracting Bottom.

13.  Square – Numerical Roots

14.  Square – Roots & Numerical Roots

15.  Cubes – Numerical Roots.

16.  Cubes – Roots & Numerical Roots.

17.  Solve Equation.

18.  Find Square.

19.  Decimal.

20.  Criss Cross Pattern.



5 Days Live session online on Zoom / Google app.

Daily 2 hours session



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You are eligible to join this ISO-certified course in Vedic Maths Teacher's Training if you possess a basic knowledge of the English Language.

Career Scope

You will get a professionally ISO Certificate of Vedic Maths Teacher.


Reach an easy to entry point into CBSE / ICSE / IGCSE/ IB/ State board schools.


Get jobs as Vedic Teacher in:

  • Pre-schools.

  • For Pre-Primary and Primary Levels at schools.

  • Open your Phonics Classes from home or in the institute.

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