See your kiddoo read singly

Why phonics way is better ?

Why phonics way is better ?

  • Phonics focuses on letter, words, and blending sounds not just letter names.

  • With 42 sounds + more new sounds, children get the tools to read almost any word.

  • There is no longer a need to memorising words or spellings to kids.

Phonics Syllabus 

1.    Introduction of phonics. Why it is important?

2.    42 Letter Learning sounds Sentences learning Information.

3.    Method Tricky words & sight words.

4.    Learn short & Long vowel sound.

5.    Learn vowel & Consonant.

6.    Learn Staring ‘C’ & ‘K’.

7.    Learn ending ‘ck’.

8.    Learn Flosszz Words.

9.    Sentences formation of 3 letters.

10.  Initial Consonant Blends.

11.  Final Consonant Blends.

12.  Consonant digraph means no vowel letter.

13.  Vowel Diagraph.

14.  R-controlled words.

15.  Magic  - E

16.  ‘C’ & ‘G’ Double Sounds.

17.  Silent Letters.

18.  How to Read Story Books.    

19.  Long Vowel Sounds / Alternative Sounds

20.  Diphthongs

21.  What is Trigraph?

22.  Homophones

23.  Contraction

24.  Anagrams

This course is of two years for kids

Course Duration & Eligibility

  • 3 Days a week,

  •  Live session online on Zoom / Google app.

  • Each session of 1 hour

Gain of knowledge (Benefits)

  • Students will learn lots of tricks and tips.

  •  Reading get smooth way to express thought gain knowledge.


  • After completing the course, Student will get ISO certificate from easy teach academy.

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