ISO Certified Phonics  Teacher Training Course


This is the World's first best place to learn Phonics Program.

We think that phonics is a segment of the reading exercise and should be taught separately it is part of the ability to read and write.

This course is brought in innovative ways with teaching aids, games, worksheets, etc...

Phonics Syllabus 

No.  Topics

1.    Introduction of phonics.   Why it is important?                               What is Indian Phonics & Foreign Phonics?

2.    42 Letter Learning sounds Sentences learning Information.

3.    Method Tricky words & sight words.

4.    Learn short & Long vowel sound.

5.    Learn vowel & Consonant.

6.    Learn Staring ‘C’ & ‘K’.

7.    Learn ending ‘ck’.

8.    Learn Flosszz Words.

9.    Sentences formation of 3 letters.

10.  Initial Consonant Blends.

11.  Final Consonant Blends.

12.  Consonant digraph means no vowel letter.

13.  Vowel Diagraph.

14.  R-controlled words.

15.  Magic  - E

16.  ‘C’ & ‘G’ Double Sounds.

17.  Silent Letters.

18.  How to Read Story Books.    

19.  Long Vowel Sounds / Alternative Sounds

20.  Diphthongs

21.  What are Triagraph

22.  Homophones

23.  Contraction

24.  Anagrams

25.  What are irregular words

26.  15. Games will be taught.

  • Certificate course is of  5 days duration

  • Maximum duration of the course is 1 week

  • Flexible course which can be pursued from any area of the globe

Certificate in Teaching English Phonics is a modern course designed for teachers teaching English to primary level students. The course helps them to get a good grab of the techniques to teach students the effectiveness of pronunciation can be completed in 1 week of continuous lectures. The certificate course offers enough flexibility to the tutor who can pursue it from any part of the globe in online mode. This course is the best option and show to be advantageous for the teachers planning to enter the English language arena or looking to upgrade their teaching skills as phonics teaching skill is essential for English language teachers.

Course Duration

5 Days Live session online on Zoom / Google app.

Daily 2 hours session



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  • Teaching English Phonics is a short modular course

  • Both ambitious as well as experienced teachers are eligible to apply

  • You are eligible to join this ISO-certified course in Phonics Teacher's Training if you possess a basic knowledge of the English Language.

Certificate in Teaching English Phonics which is a short modular course can be pursued along with a Diploma course. This certificate course can be taken by ambitious as well as working teaching professionals who are keen to develop good pronunciation among students through increase awareness of relevant aspects of speech. But before they are able to do that they need a wider understanding of teaching English phonics which can be acquired by enrolling in a professional course like teaching English phonics.
Right pronunciation is an important part of communication and therefore, phonics plays an important role in the improvement of communication. People cannot exist without speech which is the main medium of communication and phonetics is the science of speech. English language tutors at primary level having an in-depth knowledge of phonetics will be able to understand their students’ problems better and can help them meet their learning goals.

Career Scope

You will get a professionally ISO Certificate of Phonics Teacher.


Reach an easy to entry point into CBSE / ICSE / IGCSE/ IB/ State board schools.


Get jobs as Phonics Teacher in:

  • Pre-schools.

  • For Pre-Primary and Primary Levels at schools.

  • Open your Phonics Classes from home or in the institute.


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